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Assess technologies for investors

Mykos Technical Knowledge

Business Seeking Transformation

Provide creators with the support that they need to take an idea from concept to successful production​

We clarify and validate your innovative ideas and early-stage technologies by applying our expert technical and engineering knowledge.​

Based on decades of industry experience, we establish the engineering viability, investment opportunity and feasibility of the industrialisation and exploitation route.​

We define and mitigate the commercial risk and map the technical path to innovation delivery making your company fit for investment​.

Investors Seeking Opportunity

High-quality technical due diligence to de-risk financial investment​

We reduce risk to your commercial investment by applying our expert technical and engineering knowledge.​

Based on decades of industry experience, we​ analyse the real-world uses of the technology of interest.

This technical insight is combined with the commercial understanding to guide decision-making on how likely the investment will be to find a practical application and scale to production.​

Mykos helps you to connect the dots to faster return on investment.


Maximising stakeholder value through supporting the generation of IP and commercial delivery partnerships.​

Research & Analysis

Building the foundations to grow your innovation into a business

The knowledge of our experienced team gives creators the confidence to accelerate the growth of their ideas with clear purpose and direction.

We provide you with the information that you need to make the correct decisions to develop your technology. We will help you to identify the pathways to successful commercialisation and industrialisation.

Mykos will highlight the most suitable markets and sectors for your product to exploit as well as the technology landscape and competition that must be negotiated around.

Development & Strategy

Providing the tools to chart your own success

We will help you to identify and map out the steps that are needed to grow your company. This not only includes progressing the maturity of your product. We will help you identify the most appropriate paths for funding and identify potential technical and investment partners to work with. In addition, we will help you identify the regulatory requirements that you will need to meet for market introduction.

Although a good concept is key, success depends upon being able to scale-up to manufacture in a cost and time-efficient manner with minimal risk to supply chain bottlenecks. Our team’s experience will give you the options to choose the best methods to set-up this critical part of the process.

Although focused on what you need to successfully launch your product, we will also help you prepare for the future. How your product will evolve and what your next markets will be.

Delivery & Management

Planning and executing your goals

The team at Mykos knows that however good the plan, it must be acted upon achieve success. We will help you to put the correct systems in place to allow you to successfully run your company. This must cover internal processes as well as your external interfaces with investors, technical partners and customers.

Our work will allow you to to focus on the important people, physical infrastructure and operations needed to scale and grow your business. You will also develop the tools to identify potential risks and remedy them before they become critical.

We will use our knowledge and experience to allow you to create the smoothest possible route to success.

Our values

We place stakeholder value first.

Clients, investors, technology partners through to our staff, directors and shareholders.

We are responsible in our consulting advice.

We take an ‘inch wide mile deep’ approach to all our client and investor relationships.

We value creative freedom and innovation.

In all of our endeavours and as a measure of our positive impact.