About us Mykos Technology July 7, 2022

Mykos Technologies

Mykos technologies created to develop exciting, breakthrough technologies to take advantage of the huge challenges and opportunities that face society today as we transition to a more connected, more intelligent, more sustainable world.

Mykos sees the value in breakthroughs such as fast vehicle battery charging, both for the vehicle and infrastructure and the subsequent higher adoption rates for EV use in urban centres, where they benefit most, by producing zero local emissions.

There will also be breakthroughs in data. This is already happening, and machine learning is already enabling society to better understand the cause of some of the challenges, not only in transport, but medical and other areas.

Mykos is also looking at the efficiency of systems and technologies as increasing efficiency will enable humanity to do the same whilst consuming less. Mykos does not believe that we must ‘roll back the clock’ to save the planet.