Connected Autonomous Road System Mykos Technology July 21, 2022

Connected Autonomous Road System


Borne out of the increasing demands of improving the efficiency and safety of highway infrastructure and preparing for the next generation of autonomous vehicles, CARS provides the data needed to communicate a ‘single source of truth’ for road users and operators.


• Enable the transition away from analogue highway traffic management which is disconnected and siloed
• Deliver an interconnected and highly automated, digital solution with rich data


Using a combination of sensors, combined with the 5G roll out and the edge computing possibilities that the network brings, C.A.R.S enables both autonomous and non autonomous vehicles to run harmoniously with oversight bringing predictive traffic flows that can then be fed back into dynamic navigational planning.
The benefits of the C.A.R.S system can also be expanded to cover security and remote monitoring, so there are many other applications that the system can bring it’s numerous benefits.