Hybrid Battery Mykos Technology July 21, 2022

Hybrid Battery

Batteries have several downsides in their current configuration. Manufacturers have to make poor trade-offs between the conflicting demands of: range, power, battery life, cost and size. Despite huge industry effort there also remain safety concerns with isolated instances of battery failures leading to fires still occurring. These compromises are resolved with a hybrid approach and thermal safety is greatly improved.

Mykos have developed an innovative combination of hardware and software that overcomes many of the compromises found in combining different cell chemistries. High power cells are used for generating high acceleration and accepting free energy from brake regeneration with a minimal effect on battery life. High energy cells deliver long range at steady speeds. The combination of these cell types together with a unique hardware and software approach delivers a smaller, safer, more efficient battery solution that reduces cost and resource requirements. The large, heavy and expensive DC-DC converters needed to balance the voltage between the two cell types can also be deleted.