projects Mykos Technology February 6, 2020

Our vision is to develop exciting, breakthrough technologies that seek to solve the huge challenges and opportunities that face society today as we transition to a more connected, more intelligent, more sustainable world.

Connected Autonomous Road System - C.A.R.S.

Borne out of the increasing demands of improving the efficiency and safety of highway infrastructure and preparing for the next generation of autonomous vehicles, CARS provides the data needed to communicate a ‘single source of truth’ for road users and operators.

Hybrid Battery

Batteries have several downsides in their current configuration. Manufacturers have to make poor trade-offs between the conflicting demands of: range, power, battery life, cost and size. These compromises are resolved with a hybrid approach.

Recyclable Composites

The benefits of high strength and low mass of composite materials are well known in aerospace and motorsport applications. As demand for vehicles to become more efficient grows, one of the best ways of achieving this, is to reduce mass. Composites can be used to achieve these aims but their widespread use has been held back due to the poor economics of end-of-life recycling, until now.

Fast Charging

Mykos is developing a solution that enables in excess of 350kWh charging without major upgrades to the infrastructure. This allows the grid to deliver the necessary number of fast chargers without a hurried and expensive rollout. They will further enable the distributed storage of energy to accelerate the exploitation of renewable power generation.