Recyclable Composites Mykos Technology July 21, 2022

Recyclable Composites

 The benefits of high strength and low mass of composite materials are well known in aerospace and motorsport applications. As demand for vehicles to become more efficient grows, one of the best ways of achieving this, is to reduce mass. Composites can be used to achieve these aims but their widespread use has been held back due to the poor economics of end-of-life recycling, until now.

The automotive industry must ensure that 95% of the vehicle by weight is re-used, recycled or recovered. Due to the nature of composite materials to date, this requirement has limited its widespread adoption despite the many desirable engineering benefits that they bring. Current processes require high energy inputs, leading to a high carbon footprint and the recovery of poor quality fibres.
Mykos is now working to develop composite materials that enable easier recycling and therefore overcome one of the main barriers to mass adoption, which will then lead to a lowering of production costs and bring the benefits of composite materials to volume manufacture.